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About us

FareShare exists because 1 in 8 people in the UK are living in poverty and a quarter of those who regularly go without meals are children. At the same time this poverty co-exists alongside thousands of tonnes of food becoming surplus every day. FareShare’s intervention allows us to provide food for 924,325 people every week.

FareShare helps to increase the capacity of the charity sector to empower disadvantaged communities by enabling charities to save money on their food bills. We are able to save the 10,943 charities we work with a collective £33.7 million a year. This is money that they can now reinvest into their own charitable services supporting individuals living in food insecurity.

Every £1 raised for FareShare can go on to provide 4 meals to people in need. Last year FareShare was able to redistribute 20,830 tonnes of surplus food, this went on to make enough food for 46.5 million meals. We want to grow this number, we want to feed more people and save more food from being needlessly thrown away.

FareShare is the UK’s leading charity fighting hunger and food waste. We redistribute good quality surplus food that would otherwise go to waste to frontline charities and community groups that support vulnerable people. By ensuring good food is not wasted, we turn an environmental problem into a social solution.

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